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From Loveable to Questionable: TV Couples We Are Celebrating This Valentine’s Day

by Adam Fay • posted on

Love is a funny thing. One minute blissful and perfect, the next messy and complicated. This Valentine’s Day we’d like to celebrate all facets of relationships by taking a look at some TV couples that either swooned or shocked us.

Underrated, Unknown or Unsung: Overlooked Performances in Classic TV Shows.

by Adam Fay • posted on

Why is it that the lead actors in our favourite TV Shows get all the glory? Often it is the supporting cast that keep us coming back for more. Here’s a list of what we think are some underrated, unknown or criminally unsung performances from some of the best TV Series ever.

It’s Prime Time: 5 Shows to Get You Hooked on Amazon Prime Video

by Andrew Buckle • posted on

In a crowded streaming market, we’re here to showcase some of the elite shows available on Prime Video, a service that in our eyes is getting better and better. Here are a few we feel are guaranteed to get you hooked on Prime Video and keep you coming back for more.