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Watch if You Dare: 5 Smart & Spooky Movie Marketing Moments

by Adam Fay • posted on

Movie marketers have found unique and creative ways to promote their films over the years, with the Horror genre often leading the way when it comes to creating real-life moments of creepiness and terror that become viral sensations. Here’s 5 examples of smart and spooky guerrilla marketing that took movie promotion to the next level.

Our Top 10 Retro Horror Icons to Celebrate this Halloween

by Adam Fay • posted on

It’s Halloween time! It’s an excuse for many of us to stay up late watching the scariest movies we can find. This Halloween we are celebrating by going back in time and revisiting some of our favourite retro horror icons. These are the horror movie characters that scared and thrilled millions growing up and who […]

Shhh! A Quiet Place and the Rise of Hush-Hush Horror

by Adam Fay • posted on

The reviews are in. A Quiet Place Part II is a genuine critical and commercial hit that many are saying is even better then the original. Not bad for a sequel that had a lot to live up to. John Krasinski’s 2018 box office smash was a breakout favourite that is adored by fans of […]