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The 12 Greatest Movie Sequels of All Time

by Andrew Buckle • posted on

To celebrate the release of Top Gun: Maverick for purchase in the Movie Store on Fetch we took some time to consider just how many great sequels there have been across, well, the history of film. Every now and then there’s a follow-up that not only expands on the established world in an interesting way, but has more impressive filmmaking craft and an even more entertaining and engaging story. It’s not impossible to believe. Read on for some thoughts on each of our selections.

20 Unforgettable Movie Soundtrack Moments

by Andrew Buckle • posted on

Inspired by the joyous garden party sequence in S.S Rajamouli’s extraordinary RRR, I started thinking about some other uses of music in movies that took my breath away and have since become synonymous, at least to me, with their presence in that movie. I have curated a selection of some of these most unforgettable soundtrack moments. I hope you have enjoyed these sequences as much as I have.

Director Spotlight – Steven Soderbergh

by Andrew Buckle • posted on

To celebrate the release of Steven Soderbergh’s No Sudden Move, available this week for Premium purchase or rental, we’re doing a deep dive into the expansive career of the prolific filmmaker.