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10 Colourful Movies to Watch if you Liked Barbie

by Andrew Buckle • posted on

The Barbie phenomenon has taken the world by storm, with Greta Gerwig’s vibrant live-action interpretation of the adventures of the eponymous Mattel fashion doll becoming the year’s highest-grossing film at the box office. If you loved Barbie then chances are you might be seeking out some similarly visually striking titles to give your life a further injection of colour. Check out this eclectic mix of titles that experiment with colour to enhance their story, feature interesting colour palettes, and are uniquely and beautifully photographed.

20 Unforgettable Movie Soundtrack Moments

by Andrew Buckle • posted on

Inspired by the joyous garden party sequence in S.S Rajamouli’s extraordinary RRR, I started thinking about some other uses of music in movies that took my breath away and have since become synonymous, at least to me, with their presence in that movie. I have curated a selection of some of these most unforgettable soundtrack moments. I hope you have enjoyed these sequences as much as I have.