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You Played it, Now Watch it: 7 Great Video Game Adaptations

by Drew Frimston • posted on

There was a time that video game adaptions for both shows and movies were met with hesitation and worry from fans of the series. Recently though, there seems to be a resurgence in video game adaptations with more and more exceeding fans’ expectations.¬†Adapting these shows require being true to the original fans of the games, while also being approachable enough to watch without any knowledge of the games themselves. Let’s take a look at the titles that we think have managed to achieve this fragile balance.

Swing into the Multiverse with Multiroom

by Adam Fay • posted on

Did you know that you can watch Fetch in up to 3 rooms of your house at the same time? It’s the Multiroom Multiverse at your place tonight

10 Awesome Female Ensemble Casts

by Andrew Buckle • posted on

To celebrate International Women’s Day, and to honor all of the wonderfully talented women working not just in the entertainment industry but across all occupations, we’re spotlighting some wonderful largely female-led movie ensemble casts.

94th Academy Awards Nominations

by Andrew Buckle • posted on

On March 28, the 94th Academy Awards ceremony, presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, will honor the best films released in 2021. Overnight the nominees for each of the 23 categories were announced. Check out the full list within.

Australia’s 25 Favourite Movies of 2021 in Rolling Stone Australia

by Andrew Buckle • posted on

The votes are in, and on behalf of Rolling Stone Australia and the Australian Home Entertainment Distributors Association (AHEDA) group we’re excited to share the 25 Favourite Movies of 2021 as voted by the Australian people. Check out the complete list inside.

Can You Believe It? Movies Celebrating an Anniversary in 2022

by Andrew Buckle • posted on

As we have changed the calendars again and entered a new year it is time to pull out the shocks and reveal just how long it has been since THAT movie was released. We have scoured our library and plucked out a selection of movies that are celebrating a milestone anniversary in 2022.

Fetch’s Favourite Movies of 2021

by Andrew Buckle • posted on

Join us as we take you through the movies that entertained, inspired, challenged and enthralled the editors at Fetch in 2021. How do these lists compare to your favourite movies of the year?

From Page to Screen – Unique Adaptations We Love and Some We Would Like to See

by Andrew Buckle • posted on

To celebrate the Australian theatrical release of Dune, adapted from Frank Herbert’s sci-fi classic and directed by Denis Villeneuve, we have compiled a list of some unique but effective adaptations as well as a few that we’re eagerly awaiting for in the future.