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For the Kids & For the Adults: How Everyone Can Enjoy Disney+

We all knew Disney+ was a goldmine for kids, but we’ve quickly come to realise that it is also a treasure chest for adults too.
In fact, we think we’ve come up with a great new party game to test the theory.

by Adam Fay • posted on
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Our 10 Reality TV Essentials and Where to Watch Them

Guilty pleasures shows are things to be celebrated, not embarrassed about. What they call “Junk”, we call “Juicy”! What they call “Trash”, we call “Treasure”. Wanna know what our essentials are? Check out our 10 faves, and where to watch them.

by Adam Fay • posted on
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  • Striking Gold – Aussie Gold Hunters are Back on Discovery

    They are the hard-core gold prospectors of outback Australia on a mission to strike it rich. Whether it’s back-breaking work, extreme weather conditions, mechanical breakdowns or cutthroat competition, gold prospecting is not for the faint-hearted. The Aussie Gold Hunters are back for a seventh season and they’re tough, resourceful, and ready for the challenge. The hugely popular local program will also be celebrating a milestone – the 100th episode – this season.

    by Andrew Buckle • posted on
  • Disney+ on Fetch: 10 Reasons We Are Celebrating.

    We can’t hide our excitement that Disney+ is finally available on Fetch! If you are yet to experience it for yourself and not sure whether to take the leap, or if you have subscribed but haven’t fully explored all it has to offer, check out our 10 reasons why we think Disney+ arriving on Fetch is cause for serious celebration.

    by Adam Fay • posted on
  • The Reality of Hayu is: There’s More to Watch than You’d Expect.

    Hayu has established itself as the place for all things Housewives but If you only subscribed to Hayu for the Housewives franchise, you may be surprised at just how broad their deeper offering is.

    by Drew Frimston • posted on
  • What’s Hot in June – New to Disney+, Netflix, Prime Video and the Movie & TV Store

    What a huge month of new release content we have in store for you across Fetch. Make sure you’re freshly subscribed to your favourite Streaming Apps because there are gifts aplenty. New and returning seasons of hit shows on Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video, a bunch of anticipated new shows hitting the TV Store, as well as the latest blockbusters available to purchase or rent in the Movie Store. Here’s just a taste of what’s to come.

    by Andrew Buckle • posted on
  • Love Stranger Things and D&D? Here are 10 Tabletop Games to Add to Your Collection.

    Stranger Things, the Netflix phenomenon that has made the fantasy genre cool again, has returned for an epic fourth season. One of the most successful boons as a result of the popularity of the series is interest in Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop role playing games. If you’re a D&D fan and have been seeking out additions to your collection, or if you’re interested in some of the fantasy themes in Stranger Things and want to participate in more screen-free activities with your friends, check out our list.

    by Andrew Buckle • posted on
  • 10 Not-so-‘Rotten’ Movies: Part II

    In the second version of this feature, we’re again reflecting on the Tomatometer scores of 10 movies that we enjoy and are asking the question – what if they (they being “many respectable critics”) got it wrong? These get a thumbs up from us, and we recommend exploring the Fetch Movie Store or your favourite streaming service and giving them another go.

    by Andrew Buckle • posted on
  • Life on the Road – Movies Set Mostly in a Car

    To celebrate the release of Drive My Car, the extraordinary Japanese drama that won Best International Film at the recent Academy Awards, we thought it would be fun to also honour some interesting movies whose narrative unfolds predominantly within the confines of a car (or vehicle). The following list of films are a blend of thrillers, comedies, dramas, and formally-bold social commentaries we feel are well worth checking out if you are interested in this sub-genre.

    by Andrew Buckle • posted on
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