All of Us Are Dead Swarming Netflix: 5 Other Zombie Shows to Sink Your Teeth Into.

Drew Frimston,

From its release, All of Us Are Dead sat comfortably on its throne in Netflix’s top shows for 15 days. With the titan that Squid Game became, it’s no surprise how well All of Us Are Dead was received. Korean content is being focused on more than ever by Netflix and with the quality of some recent titles, who can blame them?

Although, All of Us Are Dead has something that Squid Game didn’t…Zombies!

We follow a group of high school students fighting off the ravaging hordes of undead as a zombie outbreak overtakes their school.

If you’re like me, you’ve already binged your way through the series and are in desperate need of some more zombie content.

Check out these other great shows.

The Walking Dead

There was no way a list of zombie shows wasn’t going to include The Walking Dead. Undoubtedly the most famous zombie show of all time. It follows a group of survivors as they navigate not only the zombies of this apocalypse, but also the other survivors themselves.

The popularity of The Walking Dead has produced two spin offs, Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond. 

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Santa Clarita Diet

Not your typical zombie show but still great none the less. Santa Clarita Diet follows married realtors, Sheila (Drew Barrymore) and Joel (Timothy Olyphant) after Sheila becomes something new…something with a craving for human flesh.

With a great cast, it’s probably the only zombie show that will have you in tears from laughing as we follow this happily married couple as they navigate through bills, raising kids and oh yeh… Sheila’s new undead life. 

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Z Nation

If you want a zombie show where the apocalypse has been going on for a few years, Z Nation will be your cup of tea. We follow a group of survivors braving this new world they find themselves in.

This show takes itself a little less seriously than the others, not shying away from humour or even varying kinds of zombies. It has a collection of whacky characters that seem to get themselves in some pretty unique situations.

Watch Z Nation on Netflix

Black Summer

Black Summer will be your go to if you like the more serious, darker tone of zombie shows. In Black Summer we follow a group of survivors (I’m starting to notice a pattern here) as the zombie outbreak has just occurred.

What Black Summer does a little differently though is tell the one over-arching narrative through the lens of smaller stories via the perspectives of the different survivors. Seeing the events through different eyes adds a whole new layer and depth to Black Summer.

Watch Black Summer on Netflix


If you want another Korean zombie show, then Kingdom will make you happy. Kingdom is the story of a prince to the throne as he tries to uncover a conspiracy theory that the king is dead (but who is instead actually a zombie)

After an outbreak of the virus occurs, the prince needs to fight his way to save the kingdom from the evil family.

If you are craving a Korean Game of Thrones with a big focus on zombies, then don’t pass on Kingdom

Watch Kingdom on Netflix

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