Love Mare of Easttown? Here’s 5 Similar Shows to Investigate

Adam Fay,

It’s the hit HBO show that has everyone talking. Mare of Easttown has just arrived on Fetch and is a small town murder mystery with unique and compelling characters. None more so than Mare herself, played by the always incredible Kate Winslet.

If you’re as obsessed as everyone else with Mare of Easttown and crave more, why not check out these 5 similarly themed shows once you’ve finished.

1. Sharp Objects


Amy Adams, Patricia Clarkson, Chris Messina, Eliza Scanlen


Like Mare of Easttown, Sharp Objects is a female-led detective story set in a small town. Based on the book of the same name by bestselling author Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl) this eight-episode series tells the story of reporter Camille Preaker (Amy Adams) who returns to her hometown to cover the murders of two young girls.

Watch Sharp Objects on Fetch

2. Top Of The Lake


Elisabeth Moss, David Wenham, Peter Mullan, Holly Hunter


Starring Elisabeth Moss as Detective Robin Griffin who is investigating the disappearance of a pregnant 12-year-old. Just like Mare Sheehan she is a gutsy detective, but unlike Mare, she definitely lacks experience. Set in New Zealand against one of the most amazing and untouched landscapes left on the planet, Top of the Lake is a powerful, dark and sometimes disturbing story that builds to a heart-stopping finale.

Watch Top of the Lake on Fetch

3. The Undoing


Nicole Kidman, Hugh Grant, Noah Jupe, Donald Sutherland


More polished, and set in a big city over a small town, The Undoing still has that classic whodunnit element fans of Mare of Easttown will love. Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant dominate the screen in this tale of a wealthy New York therapist whose life is turned upside down after she and her family get involved with a murder case.

Watch The Undoing on Fetch

4. Broadchurch


David Tennant, Olivia Colman, Jodie Whittaker, Andrew Buchan


Another murder of a young person and another small town setting, this time in England. Broadchurch sees recently transferred Detective Inspector Alec Hardy (David Tennant) lead an investigation into the death of an 11-year-old boy in the fictional Dorset town of Broadchurch. Local Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman) provides the support but can’t help but feel the main job should have gone to her.

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5. True Detective


Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, Michelle Monaghan, Michael Potts


With a dark, downtrodden tone similar to Mare of Easttown, this HBO classic is about two detectives in Louisiana, played by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, and their mutual obsession to solve their most notorious case: the macabre 1995 murder of a prostitute by a possible serial killer with disturbing occult leanings. Mare of Easttown fans will love the twists and turns as the intense mystery unravels.

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