Our Best (or worst) Guilty Viewing Pleasures

Linda Krunes,

Reality TV….did you just cringe reading that? You know what they say, “If loving you is wrong I don’t want to be right” and who can argue with the facts? Ten seasons of Married at First Sight, 12 seasons of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and we can’t forget the longevity of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

You better get on board, because Reality TV is here to stay.

So grab the popcorn & settle in. We’re going on a trip to visit some of our best (or worst) guilty viewing pleasures!

Married at First Sight

What is it about?

Following Australian couples in a ground-breaking experiment as they meet for the first time at their wedding, then honeymoon, meet the in-laws and set up home, all the while getting to know one another more deeply.

Why We Can’t Get Enough

Season 10 of Australia’s biggest social experiment almost had too much in it for one season. This year, MAFS had everything from cheating (yes, it happened again!), gaslighting (a favourite term used by this year’s cast) to ‘Partner Swap Week’.

Channel 9’s most popular Reality sensation once again served up a delicious buffet of drama for you to feast your eyes on, and who knows, maybe it was served with a side of ‘happily ever after’.

Watch 10 seasons of Married at First Sight. Now streaming on 9Now

Selling Sunset

What is it about?

Selling Sunset showcases the drama at The Oppenheim Group, where elite real estate brokers sell the luxurious life to their affluent buyers. 

Why We Can’t Get Enough

Selling Sunset brings you everything you would have on your own basic real estate checklist – homes with indoor waterfalls, walk-in wine closets, 15-car garages. You know, the basics.

You think the competition in the Aussie property market is intense? Wait until you see the drama that unfolds along the way among the agents at the Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles.

5 seasons of Selling Sunset are now streaming on Netflix

Say Yes to The Dress

What is it about?

Sales associates, managers and fitters at various stores across Manhattan help nervous brides choose the perfect dress for their wedding.

Why We Can’t Get Enough

Satin, chiffon, tulle, lace…it sounds like an exotic ingredients list for your dinner tonight, but put all this together and you have the recipe for a dress you’ll wear on one of the biggest days of your life.

Come along to the iconic Klenfields store and watch as Randy helps brides with different tastes, budgets and…shall we say, ‘challenges’ (hello bridezilla!) find the dress that gives them “that” special feeling.

Watch Say Yes to the Dress on TLC. Now available in the Variety Pack on Fetch.

Still want more? Keep an eye out for these reality gems coming your way soon:

  • Below Deck Sailing Yacht – Season 4 starts 11th April on Hayu
  • The Kardashians – Season 3 starts 25th May on Disney+
  • The Real Housewives of Atlanta – Season 15 starts 8th May on Hayu

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