Secret Strengths of the Streaming Services

Adam Fay,

What’s your favourite streaming service? Are you a Netflix Nut? An Amazon addict? A sucker for Stan? Or are you shopping for a new service and not sure which one to choose? 

Psst! Come closer…we’ll let you in on an insider secret about streaming services – The sign of a truly great streamer isn’t always the big tentpole movie or TV show that made you subscribe. It’s the hidden gems you stumble upon while you are browsing. 

Ok move back now, this is weird…

It’s a familiar story. Stranger Things or Bridgerton may have lured you into Netflix, but it was that obscure French sci-fi series you never knew existed, or that riveting Spanish cop drama you thought you’d try one episode of, that ended up becoming your nightly binge obsession.

Blockbuster movies like Borat Subsequent Moviefilm or Coming 2 America may have pulled you into Amazon Prime Video, but when you discovered their amazing library of forgotten ‘70s and ‘80s films, you became truly hooked.

Every big streamer hides an ocean of hidden gems. They may not have been your reason for subscribing, but they sure as heck become your reason for staying. 

Join us as we crack open a few of the secret strengths of the big streamers.

What You Already Know: Netflix Make Fantastic Originals

We don’t have to sell you on the benefits associated with subscribing to the world’s biggest streaming service. All we have to do is list off titles like The CrownStranger ThingsBridgertonThe WitcherThe Queen’s GambitShadow and Bone…I could go on. 

Netflix Originals are a diverse range of titles that cover almost every genre. Some you love, some pass the time, some you binge through with disturbing ferocity, and some do nothing short of changing the way you look at the world. 

What You May Not Know: Netflix Has an Amazing Range of International TV Shows

You may not see them advertised on billboards or featured on the side of buses, but dig below the surface on Netflix and you’ll discover the hidden treasures of international TV.

A shrewd eye for acquisition and the benefit of having launched in so many foreign markets (and hence creating so many local originals) has helped Netflix become one of the leaders in international television. 

Whether it’s German, South Korean, Spanish, Danish or Japanese, Netflix isn’t just home to the best foreign TV. Language be damned, these shows are some of the best TV, period. 

We Recommend: DarkKingdomBabylon Berlin, 1983

What You Already Know: Stan Has an Incredibly Broad Range

Once a little Aussie doer, Stan has proven itself time and time again. It not only competes with the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime, but has solidified its place as an essential streamer among its loyal Aussie subscribers.

It’s not hard to see why. Stan boasts a range of titles that appeal across the board. From premium drama like BillionsYour HonorYellowstone and The Godfather of Harlem, to fan favourites like Ru Paul’s Drag RaceYounger and It’s A Sin. Not to mention Stan’s formidable library of movies, its impressive dedicated Kids section, and most recently, it’s foray into live and catch up sport.

What You May Not Know: Stan Originals Support Our Local Industry 

No other streaming service in Australia has given back to our local film and television industry as much as Stan. Their commitment to Australian production is unparalleled among the major streamers, giving them the edge for those who like their entertainment with a more localised narrative.

The added bonus is that Stan Originals deliver. From Romper Stomper to BumpNo Activity to the genuinely terrifying horror movie, Relic. Stan is building a solid library of home made gems and showing no signs of slowing (keep an eye out for the upcoming Gold, starring Zac Efron)

We RecommendRelic, Bloom, Romper Stomper, Ri Paul’s Drag Race Down Under, The Commons, The Gloaming

What You Already Know: Amazon Prime Video Create Highly Acclaimed Originals

Amazon may not output as many originals as Netflix, but the quality of their in-house titles cannot be denied. Anyone who has seen Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan or The Boys can attest to that. Not to mention their recent movie hits Borat Subsequent Moviefilm and Coming 2 America.

It’s also been great to see them catering to Aussie audiences with the docuseries The Test and Making Their Mark, as well as the upcoming Back to the Rafters and Luxe Listings Sydney.

What You May Not Know: Amazon Prime Video have a Deep Library of Hidden Gems.

Lovers of obscure movies, underground horror, vintage Sci-Fi or forgotten classics need to listen up. Of all the big streamers, Amazon Prime Video has by far the deepest and most broad-ranging library of movies and TV shows.

Are you looking for the 1959 Vincent Price classic, The House on Haunted Hill? Of course you are. Or how about the 1986 so-bad-it’s-good horror gem Chopping Mall? Look no further than Amazon Prime. The Bradley Cooper/Lady Gaga hit, A Star is Born can be found almost anywhere, but only Amazon Prime has the original 1937 version that spawned no less than three remakes. As for TV, you’ll find forgotten classic from every era. The Carol Burnett Show from the 70s, 21 Jump Street from the 80s and of course The X-Files from the 90s.

Amazon Prime Video is the destination for those of us ready to dig a little deeper for their movie and TV fix.

We Recommend: Clue (1985), Harold and Maude (1971), Funny Face (1957), A Star is born (1937), 21 Jump Street, The Adventures of Skippy

What You Already Know: Hayu is Reality TV Central

To many, heaven consists of a comfy couch and a TV….and of course every Real Housewives season played on rotation. If this sounds like you, then heaven is Hayu. 

A reality TV mecca that prides itself on not just having one or two seasons of shows like Keeping Up With the Kardashians or Below Deck. No, no, no…Hayu have Every. Episode. Ever. It’s the number one destination for the shows you pretend not to like, but seriously cannot get enough of. The home of the guilty pleasure.

Trash TV? How dare you! This is essential TV.

What You May Not Know: Hayu is a True Crime Goldmine

Hayu is much more than just Kim losing her diamond earring, Kanye upset about Kim’s dress or Caitlyn coming out. Did you know that Hayu features one of the biggest libraries of True Crime shows available? 

From missing persons investigations to serial killer expose’s, there is so many deliciously bingeable true crime shows on Hayu, you’ll think you’ve died and gone to…well, you know…Hayu heaven!

We Recommend: Snapped, In Ice Cold Blood, The Mark of a Serial Killer, Buried in the Backyard

What You Already Know: Britbox is the Best of British

A classic case of providing what it says on the tin, Britbox serves up an impressive catalogue of British TV both old and new. Yep, it’s a box full of British. Everything from The Vicar of Dibley to LutherPoldark to Mr. Bean. They also have lifestyle programs like The Great British Sewing BeeYour Home Made Perfect and documentaries from the likes of David Attenborough and Brian Cox.

If it’s beloved British telly you crave, Britbox is for you.

What You May Not Know: Britbox Have Exclusives and Forgotten Gems

The Season 6 finale episode of Line of Duty was watched by 12.8 million addicted UK viewers this week, earning it the distinction of being the highest rated English drama since modern records began in 2002 (this doesn’t include soap opera’s. English love their soapies!) While previous seasons are available elsewhere, only Britbox is home to the blockbuster Season 6.

Outside of exclusives like this, the All Creatures Great and Small remake and the bizarre but brilliant Spitting Image, it’s the hidden nuggets you find on Britbox that really get us excited. Dr. Who tragics know that unaired and lost episodes dating all the way back to 1963 are available, while other forgotten gems like Upstairs DownstairsRed Dwarf and A Bit of Fry and Laurie are worth the price of admission alone.

We Recommend: Line of Duty Season S6, All Creatures Great and Small, Dr Who , A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Upstairs Downstairs

*Netflix, Stan, Hayu, Britbox and Amazon Prime Video streaming subscription required to watch all listed content. Subscribe now via your Fetch box.

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