The Remote that Listens has Everyone Talking.

Adam Fay,

What do you call your TV remote? In my house you’ll hear everything from “pass the flicker” to “throw me the thing-a-ma-jig” but a UK survey revealed that people have over 100 pet names for their remotes.

Here’s the top 10: 

1. Remote (or The Remote)

2. Doofah (Doofer)

3. Zapper

4. Clicker

5. Flicker

6. Thing-a-ma-jig

7. Switcher

8. Whatcha-ma-call-it

9. The Controller (or The Controls)

10. Gizmo

Whether you call yours a Dinger, Zapper or Thingy, it’s hard to deny that the humble TV remote has become a valued member of the family. It sat right next to you during some big moments – like when Cathy Freeman lit the Olympic Flame, Ross married Rachel, Harry married Meghan, Kim lost her diamond earring, and the Starks got slaughtered at the Red Wedding.

Which is why the new Fetch Bluetooth Voice Activated Remote could be a game changer. Not only does it do everything you’d expect a remote to do but just like a real family member, you can now talk to it.

….and unlike a real family member, it actually listens!

Pass the clicker….

Like you, I’m cautious when it comes to new tech. If it doesn’t provide meaningful benefits to my life, I’m simply not interested. Thankfully, after putting it through its paces, I discovered quickly that this new Fetch remote has genuine impacts that make it essential for my day-to-day.

Here’s just a few:

#1: The Fetch Voice Remote is a Time Saver.

I don’t know about you, but no way am I wasting precious time typing out Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

Searching by entering letter after letter on your remote? Pfft. That’s so 2019.

Now all I need to say is “Borat 2” and the Fetch remote knows exactly what I want. Before you know it, you’re inside Amazon Prime Video ready to start watching the funniest sequel of the past year. As our Kazakhstan friend would say, “That’s a very nice!”

A warning. This kind of efficiency becomes addictive. To the point that now, like a king on his couch throne, all I do is command the remote to fetch what I need:

“Open Netflix”

“Record Masterchef”

“Turn up the volume”

“Go to Channel Nine”




“Feed me grapes as I lay here in my pyjamas watching Stranger Things!”

(Full disclosure: The Fetch remote will not feed you grapes. That technology is still pending)

#2: The Fetch Voice Remote is a Decision Maker

Since Top Gun and Mission Impossible are both celebrating anniversaries this year, I decided to host a “Tom Cruise Movie Festival” right in my very own lounge room…with just me in attendance. But where do I start? So many great films. So many memorable quotes.

I asked the Fetch Remote to “search Tom Cruise movies”. I was presented with pages of his films. Beautiful. Then I tried telling the remote some of my favourite Tom Cruise quotes. “Show me the money!” took me straight to Jerry Maguire. “I feel the need, the need for speed!” took me straight to Top Gun. That’s just smart.

Not only that, but after deciding on Tom’s 2014 underrated sci-fi gem Edge of Tomorrow, I was given the option to watch it on Netflix, Stan, Amazon Prime Video and the Fetch Movie Store. The magic of universal search allows me to choose from across streaming apps, channel apps, Free-to-air and more. So clever, so convenient and so very customer friendly!

…stay tuned for my “Nicholas Cage Movie Festival” coming next month.

#3 The Fetch Voice Remote is a Smarty-Pants!

Impressed as I was by finding movies by simply speaking famous Tom Cruise quotes, I wanted to go deeper and see just how smart this Fetch remote is. I decided to test it with some more obscure quotes. Hold my beer…

“Be afraid, be very afraid” – I was taken to The Fly (1986)

“Joey, have you ever been in a Turkish prison? – I was taken to Airplane (1980)

So far so good. But then I quickly pivoted to TV:

“You know nothing Jon Snow” – I was taken to Game of Thrones.

Even this classic gibberish, “Wubba lubba dub dub” took me straight to Rick & Morty.

That’ll do remote…that’ll do..

The End for Household Pets?

The results are in: The Fetch Voice Remote is now the most well-behaved and loyal member of the household. Which begs the question – Could this make cats and dogs Australia-wide obsolete? Sound ridiculous? Maybe. Couldn’t happen? Probably not. But when you study the facts….

I can command my dog to fetch my slippers, but when I ask him to fetch Season 5 of Breaking Bad I get nothing but a tilted head and a blank expression. And sure, he can sit, shake hands and lay down on command, but ask him to “Open Netflix and watch Bridgerton”…and I get nothing.

The Fetch remote on the other hand does exactly what you ask of it. No delay, no hassle…and no shedding.

Visit the Fetch Store and order your new remote today.

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