Swing into the Multiverse with Multiroom

Adam Fay,

This is nifty! Did you know that you can watch Fetch in up to 3 rooms of your house at the same time?

Too good to be true? Nonsense! Let me break it down for you:

Imagine this – You’ve just purchased Spider-Man: No Way Home from the Fetch Movie Store and plan to watch it with the whole family tonight. Only problem is that your little brother hasn’t caught up with the previous chapter, Spider-Man: Far From Home yet, and of course Mum and Dad haven’t even watched the original Tobey Maguire Spider-Man from 2002!

There goes your plans. You’re caught in a web you can’t get out of.

But wait! There’s hope.

With Fetch Multiroom everyone gets to watch whatever they want, whenever they want. Your annoying little brother can catch up on Far From Home in his room, while Mum and Dad can dive into the Spidey universe with the classic 2002 version upstairs in their room.

As for you, sit back and enjoy No Way Home in the comfort (and privacy) of the lounge room.

It’s the Multiroom Multiverse at your place tonight and everyone wins!

That’s the great thing about Fetch Multiroom. No more fighting over the remote. You can watch your favourite shows and movies across Apps, Recordings, Premium Channels and Free-To-Air.

When Mum sits down to watch Masterchef, you can go and enjoy Netflix in your bedroom. When Dad demands he watches the football on Friday night, you and Mum can watch a movie in the other room. It’s the kind of freedom you and your family deserves.

Find out more about Multiroom here.

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